Reassessment Tabular Statistics

On page 10 of the tabular statistics report, the percentage shift in tax burden from commercial properties to residential properties is shown:

The percent  of intra-class shift is disingenuous because it doesn’t take into account exemptions, almost all of which apply mostly to residential properties.

If you just look at the Enhanced STAR and basic STAR exemptions, 14,143 1, 2, or 3 family lots have exemptions, about 75%. These exemptions reduce the value by $2 billion “real market value” dollars, so the actual effective tax increase on residences is closer to 7.5%, not 3.6%, which is a significant change.

Furthermore, this analysis is only provided for the town-wide shift, and in those villages where the residential properties were significantly affected, the shift in taxes from commercial to residential is extremely significant.

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  1. Why to you think so many (25%) aren’t getting STAR exemptions? It can’t be because of the $500K income limit. Is it because that many are not primary residences? Or owners just didn’t bother?