Tyler Tech’s Corrections

Since the 2016 tentative rolls were published (, we can check on how many lots Tyler adjusted:

of the approximately 27,000 taxable lots, 680 saw increases and 2880 saw decreases in the assessed value from the preliminary to what was published; total net decrease of about $376million.

Increases on single family homes were as much as 4million, with percentage increases of up to 150%. Decreases on single family homes reduced the assessed value as much as 48%.

Vacant lots were much more egregious; these saw decreases of as much as 100% (fully discounted!) and increases of over 350%.

By the type of lot:

single-family homes: 11.4% had decreases, 2.5% had increases (1984, 433 of 17422)

1, 2, and 3 family homes: 11.1% decreases, 2.4% increases (2080, 455 of 18672)

residential vacant land: 25.5% decreases, 0.9% increases (464, 16 of 1813)


Clearly, Tyler was doing something wrong to get that many changes, and so many with significant variances. Also note that the above does not count anything they didn’t look at again, like most under-assessed lots, as well as any lots they opted to not change out of pride, spite, or indifference.


breaking down the corrections based on school district:

school % homes decrease % homes increase
tarrytown 9.4% 2.9%
irvington 19.3% 3.5%
dobbs ferry 11.5% 7.2%
hastings 14.9% 2.9%
ardsley 9.7% 1.6%
edgemont 20.3% 2.0%
g7 5.2% 1.4%
elmsford 4.6% 0.6%
pocantico 12.8% 2.6%
valhalla 12.0% 1.0%

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  1. unfortunately, the neighborhood designations were assigned by Tyler, who chose to not include them on the MMRC website, so it isn’t easy to fold that into the analysis.

  2. Why do you think DF is such an outlyer in 2nd round increases? Would be interesting to see the actual number of houses in the SD breakdown. I’m guessing that these numbers are as much a reflection of homeowner information/sophistication as real Tyler errors.


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