A closer look at Tyler’s “intra-class shift” analysis

On page 6 of Tyler’s “Reassessment Tabular Statistics” pdf document, they provide a disingenuous analysis of the intra-class shift. In this analysis, they include all ‘fully exempt’ properties, and classify them as ‘commercial’ properties, fudging the numbers to hide the full impact of the erroneous reassessment process.

Tyler’s analysis:


Using the changes from the 2015 final roll to the 2016 tentative roll, only counting matching parcels whose “class” did not change, and not counting any fully exempt properties that have zero tax liability.


Unlike Tyler, who has hidden behind selective analyses and has repeatedly refused to provide a full dataset which could be used to provide a competing (and arguably more correct) model or even validating analyses, I am providing an excel sheet that was used to generate this analysis, for anyone to download and analyze the data as they see fit. The data in this spreadsheet came directly from the assessor’s website:


I have more data available; if you want access to the full database, please email me and we can give you the whole dataset.


The Bottom Line for the Residential Class:

Median shift across the town is +1%.

Median shift within Irvington and Edgemont is 5%, approximately $1,000 increase.

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