GoFundMe Campaign

We recently started a gofundme campaign to get data from the Town and Tyler Technologies that they have been refusing to provide given a reasonable and contractual payment for the time used.


I have submitted several FOIL requests from the Town, and while many were simply ignored, they did say that they would deliver data and records related to the reassessment and revaluations; Since Greenburgh contracts the safekeeping of these records to Tyler Technologies, I was told that I would have to pay to get the data that is meant to be available for the public. Tyler said that this would take 1 hour of time, and based on the contracted daily rate of $1,200 per hour, I agreed to pay $150 to retrieve the data. However, they refuse to deliver anything unless I pay them $600!
So I am starting this campaign so that we can finally get the data public that belongs to the public! I will make everything freely available so that anyone will have the ability to analyze the data and come to informed opinions about the efficacy and accuracy of Tyler’s reassessment.


After the data is delivered (assuming that Tyler actually delivers it as promised), I will provide it to the public in the format provided. I will further analyze the data to see if the data that was publicly posted earlier matches their data, and if there is anything else strange about their analysis.


The following is the actual FOIL request sent and accepted (after an appeal) by the Town: FOIL FORM – Tyler database; the following shows the appeal request that was accepted: foil-appeal.


A timeline:

Sept 26: submitted the FOIL request
Sept 26: Town Attorney replies affimatively with “okay” via email.
Oct 4: after no response, asked again for a status
Oct 5: Town Clerk said the request was forwarded to the Town Attorney and was waiting for his response.
Oct 11: emailed the Town Clerk and the Town Attorney again asking for the status after I was informed that all the documents would be delivered.
Oct 16: spoke again with Mr. Lewis on the telephone who said he would find and deliver the missing records.
Oct 22: emailed the town clerk and the town attorney asking when the complete response would be delivered.
Oct 28: emailed again asking them for a status
Oct 28: spoke on the phone with Mr. Lewis about another FOIL request, but forgot to ask about this.
Oct 31: emailed the Town Clerk and the Town Attorney again asking for the status
Nov 6: emailed the Town Clerk and Town Attorney again asking for the status.
Nov 9: confirmed choosing option 1 (1 hour of work) and sent a check for $150
Nov 21: the town returned the check refusing to deliver the records
Dec 12: The Town clerk emailed the Town Assessor to confirm the cost of one hour of work. The assessor never replied.